Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are We Writing The pain..Or The Pain Is The One Who Is Writing Us?

Does our words really say how do we feel pain inside..?
And how can that pain remains only lines on our papers  written by our pens?
How can these pages simply folded from our life?
Does our pens can't tell and explain when we want it to draw a picture to the ruins of happiness..?
Could it be the feeling of depression is what our senses is disclosing..?
How these lines seem harsh when we write it with a feelings that declare the falling in the absence of happiness...?
How can the happiness knock the door of this broken heart to pulse with life?


  1. It does but not in its real much ,
    It surely deos..& explain..
    Painful & deep feelings ..
    Wish to U be happy ^^
    go on :)

  2. Thank you for passing by :)
    I will surly go on, wish you happiness too..
    Regards :D