Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Knew That....

Life: A ship needs a skilled captain.

Love: The most wonderful feeling a person can ever feel.

Dream & Imagination: The easiest thing a person can ever do.

Failure: A virus breaks into human entity and destroy it unless it was armed with the good defense...And that is Self Confidence.

Hope: A candle lights the darkness of the heart.

Anger: A fire eats the human up and becomes the controller over him.

Hate: A curse takes over every heart it falls upon it.

Friendship: A relation if it grows right it is gonna be two bodies in one soul & one heart.

Heart: A source pump all the different feelings in human.

Mind: Human's miracle preserves it by expanding his knowledge.

Kindness: Gives strength to human when he needs.

Frankness: Detraction of distances and uncovering of mysteries.

Truth: A reality that you should counter for it and stand by it.

Lying: A short rope weak person hangs with.

Trueness: A path only brave one can pass.

Laziness: A pick hampers the ambition and breaks the will.

Memories: All what left for a person from the past.

Ignorance: The start of every humiliating.

Learning: Orchard makes you independent from need.

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